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Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects, published by Springer

Proceedings of the annual meetings of JAACT. Annual publications. About 700 pages. Including about 100 research papers. (AS a first book of the proceedings, “Trends in Animal Cell Culture Technology” was edited by Hiroki Murakami and published by Kodansha/VCH Verlagsgeselschaft.)

Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects

Cytotechnology, published by Springer.

A main journal for publishing studies of the members of JAACT as well as ESACT (European Society for Animal Cell Technology). Now editing a special issue for JAACT. Including research reports about basics and applications in animal cell technology.
Main topics: Cell lines with novel characteristics. Gene expression and metabolic regulation in cultured cells. Cell physiology. Production of biologicals by cultured cells. Tissue culture engineering. Culture media. Cloning. Cell hybridization. Application of cultured cells for the study of immunology, genetics, cancer, cellular differentiation, aging, microbiology, virus, nutrition and etc. Application of cell culture for bioassays and screening hazardous materials.




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